Martin Richardson on the Journal of Military and Veterans’ Health

The Journal of Military and Veterans’ Health is the official journal of the Australasian Military Medicine Association. It is a peer reviewed journal dedicated to supporting the publication of research and information on military medicine and veterans’ health, recognising that the impact of military service translates into health effects on military personnel long after they retire. It provides and promotes information for those health professionals who are working in, researching or have an interest in the unique facets of medicine and health of military personnel and veterans.

The JMVH Editorial Board oversees the publication of the journal which is distributed quarterly. The Board has representatives from the Australasian Military Medicine Association, the Australian Defence Health Services, the NZ Defence Health Services, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the Centre for Military and Veterans’ Health, and several universities. A majority of Board members have appointments with Universities which are heavily involved in military and veterans’ health research.

JMVH welcomes submission of Articles in the form specifies in the authors guidelines. All contributions will be subject to peer review.


In partnership with Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the Centre for Military and Veterans’ Health, the Defence Health Services, and several universities involved in veterans’ health and military medicine research, the Australian Military Medicine Association embarked on an important strategic initiative in the field of scientific and professional publishing.

  • Since its inception in 1991, the Association has, as required under its Constitution, published a Journal. This has grown from being a relatively low end newsletter to its current more polished form, Australian Military Medicine.
  • Recognizing the need to consolidate the efforts of the various groups that have an interest in scientific and professional publishing in the areas of veterans’ health and military medicine, the Association commenced discussions in 2005 to identify a way ahead. At a meeting held in Launceston that year, the three key parties, the Association, the DHS and CMVH agreed that a single journal was required. The Association took on the responsibility to lead this development, and also, within appropriate parameters of fiscal governance, the costs of publication.
  • As a first step, an Editorial Board has been established with representatives from the key parties, Monash and Ballarat Universities, and the New Zealand Defence Force Health Services. The Board worked to identify an appropriate strategic direction for a new Journal.
  • The journal’s title The Journal of Military and Veterans’ Health (JMVH), recognises that those who serve in the Armed Forces face health challenges related to the environments and activities in which they are involved during their service with the potential to cause long-term health complaints that arise in their later years in addition to the challenges of access to medical care during their service. This has nowhere been better demonstrated than by the issues that have been raised in recent years over both wartime and peacetime exposure to noxious agents.
  • The Journal therefore aims to take a very broad view of its subject area, and the Editorial Board believes that it will be the only English-language journal that will have this almost cradle-to-grave scope.
  • JMVH was launched in October 2007 and will continue to be published quarterly.
  • In October 2012 at the Annual General Meeting the Association became known as the Australasian Military Medicine Association