Thank you to all members for their involvement in the Australian Military Medicine Association for the year 2017. The following awards, including three new Conference awards, were announced at the 2017 AMMA Conference held at the Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane.

Congratulations to all winners.

Weary Dunlop Award

Sanjiva Wijesinha – The Camino – An Ancient Way Back to Veterans’ Mental Health

Best Other Ranked Presenter

Karen Green – International Military Social Work: A Multi-National Comparative Analysis of Social Work Service with Military Personnel, Veterans, and their Families

Best Presentation by a Junior Officer

Jenny Frasco – Dunk, Dunk, Sunk: The Role of the Medical Allowance List in Response to a Submarine Escape and Rescue

Best New Presenter

Tamara Lorensen – Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Case Series Report

JMVH Best Veterans’ Health Paper 

Shaun Carstairs – A Comparison of Poisoned Patients at Military and Veterans Administration 

JMVH Journal Editor’s Award

K Zagenhagen and G Van Rensburg – Serving Two Masters: Professional Role Conflict in a Military Teaching and Learning Environment

New Author Prize

Bradley Baker and Chris Forbes-Ewan – Military Effectiveness of Five Dietary Supplements Purported to Aid Cognitive and Physical Performance

Patron’s Prize

R Linwood, N Duff, C Flint, M Reade, P Krohn, A Williams, B McCall  – Application of Clinical Governance in a Role 2E Hospital: The 2nd General Health Battalion Experience

Photography Award 

James Savage – Damage Control

AMMA Poster Prize

David Bullock – HKM the Key to Unlocking a Digitized Defence Health Capability