Weary Dunlop Award

Joint Winners

Bronte Douglas The Intelligent Tasking Project 2010 – Aeromedical evacuation coordination in Southern Afghanistan
Glen Mulhall 6RAR’s Post War Scars

Patrons Award

Peter Peters Primary Blast Injury: An Intact Tympanic Membrane Does Not Indicate the Lack of a Pulmonary Blast Injury

JMVH Author Prize

Robin Orr, Venerina Johnston, Julia Coyle, Rodney Pope Load Carriage and the Female Soldier

JMVH New Author Prize

Nevin Colgrave Special operations task group regimental aid post presentation, Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan: February-June 2010

Foundation Daw Park Award JMVH Best Veteran Paper

Samantha Crompvoets The Health and Wellbeing of Female Veterans