Weary Dunlop Award

Joint Winners

Bronte Douglas – The Intelligent Tasking Project 2010 – Aeromedical evacuation coordination in Southern Afghanistan
Glen Mulhall – 6RAR’s Post War Scars

Patrons Award

Peter Peters Primary Blast Injury – An Intact Tympanic Membrane Does Not Indicate the Lack of a Pulmonary Blast Injury

JMVH Author Prize

Robin Orr, Venerina Johnston, Julia Coyle, Rodney Pope – Load Carriage and the Female Soldier

JMVH New Author Prize

Nevin Colgrave – Special operations task group regimental aid post presentation, Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan: February-June 2010

Foundation Daw Park Award JMVH Best Veteran Paper

Samantha Crompvoets – The Health and Wellbeing of Female Veterans