WGCDR Kimberley Davey


Wing Commander Davey joined the Royal Australian Air Force 22 years ago and has worked as an intensive care nurse in a field hospital and in retrieval settings, as officer in charge of an aeromedical retrieval team on overseas operations, and as a registered nurse in a primary health care clinic. She has deployed on numerous military operations in East Timor, Indonesia, Iraq and Afghanistan, and has participated in the repatriation of injured Australians following the Bali bombing in Indonesia 20 years ago, and most recently the repatriation of injured Australians from New Zealand following the White Island volcanic eruption in December 2019. WGCDR Davey has completed a Bachelor in Nursing, Graduate Certificate in ICU Nursing, Master of Military and Defence Studies, and Master of Infectious Diseases Intelligence. Her career has included a variety of leadership and clinical roles, in planning, coordination, training and evaluation, and as staff officer to senior officers. A highlight of her career was as Commanding Officer of the operational medical unit responsible for aeromedical retrieval of Australian Defence Force personnel within Australia and from overseas locations. Now in the reserves, Wing Commander Davey is looking forward to getting back into clinical nursing while maintaining her links with Defence.