The AMMA Council & JMVH Editorial Board are calling for expressions of interest to join the Editorial Board – Apply Now

We currently have four vacancies.

The Journal of Military and Veterans’ Health is the official journal of the Australasian Military Medicine Association It is a peer reviewed journal dedicated to publishing original content on contemporary research advances in military health services in the Australasian region since 1990. JMVH aims to provide a high-quality internationally-recognised medical and scientific forum for disseminating original research findings, reviews, commentaries and other matters that relate to the health and well-being of, men and women serving in the military and after their military careers, and the medical and health care support they receive.

The broad scope of JMVH recognises that military and veteran health matters extend across the whole lifespan of the member, from the time they join the military, through periods of active operational or non-operational service including time within the reserve forces, post military service and ending in retirement and old age. JMVH recognises that those who serve in the Armed Forces face health challenges related to the environments and activities in which they are involved during their service with the potential to cause long-term health complaints that arise in their later years in addition to the challenges of access to medical care during their service.

Potential applicants should:

  1. Possess a general scientific knowledge of the fields covered in the journal and be skilled in the arts of writing, editing, critical assessment, negotiation, and diplomacy.
  2. Review manuscripts submitted for publication according to the journal editorial policies and timeline.

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  • The Editorial Board will have total responsibility, authority and accountability for editorial content of the journal. The Editorial Board is free to authorise publication of peer-reviewed and other appropriate research reports, as well as Association news, appropriate advertising and other materials, and unilateral, politically-biased or otherwise arbitrary interference that may detract from the long-standing tradition of a free scientific press will not be exercised by the Association or its officers.
  • The Association recognises and accepts the journal’s scientific integrity and the editorial independence of the Editorial Board.

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